ICH Hariga Zangao

Hi, my name is Hariga and I was born at the kennel Zangao on 17.3. 2001. In this photo I am four month old and I am having a rest on a terrace in Liberec below Ještěd. My parents are Exon Zangao & Dölma Zangao.

ICH Dairya ran'adzags

And my name is Dairya ran 'adzags and I came to Liberec from Germany as far as Dutch border. In this photo, I am 6 weeks old. My parents are Darchen Born to be wild & ran'adzags Bala Satipatthana.

Ampo-Bumo Narpo Ransi

My name is Ampo Bumo, it means Gentle Girl in a tibetian language. I was born on 3rd February 2003 in a kennel Narpo Ransi. My parents are Falco Strážce z Tibetu & Hariga Zangao.

ICH, GCH, CH Shang-Hai Dzongo Narpo Ransi

I come flying to Narpo Ransi from kennel Shang-Hai from USA - state Washington. Uff… it was very long way, but three very pretty tibetian girls waited for me here for quittances. My parents are Ranger Shang-Hai & Diesel Shang-Hai.

ICH, GCH, Multi CH Shang-Hai's Julip Narpo Ransi

Hi, I'm Julip. I arrived to Narpo Ransi with my breeder from Shang-Hai from the USA. I was so pleased of being here, that I stayed. My parents are Drakyi Loki and Shang-Hai´s Queen of Eden.

GCH, CH Drakyi Linus Narpo Ransi

My name is Linus. In April 2007, I left kennel Drakyi and arrived into the Czech republic from sunny California in the USA. My parents are Drakyi Barni and Anita de Yuwenchi.

Hanach Gold Queen Narpo Ransi

My name is Hanach Gold Queen Narpo Ransi. I did not have to travel and fly from anywhere far away because I was born right here in the Narpo Ransi kennel, where I live together with all my dog family. My parents are Ampo-Bumo Narpo Ransi and Drakyi Linus Narpo Ransi.

Ch. Jingle Narpo Ransi

I am blue female Jingle. I was born in kennel Narpo Ransi. My parents are Hercul Narpo Ransi and Shang-Hai Julip Narpo Ransi.

Kipu Narpo Ransi

And my name is Kipu. I am red gold female and I was born also in kennel Narpo Ransi. My parents are Drakyi Linus Narpo Ransi and Dairya ran ´adzags.

Shang-Hai The House That Built Me - Reba

Hi, I'm Reba. I arrived to Narpo Ransi from Shang-Hai kennel from the USA. My parents are GCH CH Shang-Hai's Shadow of the Cascades & CH Shang-Hai's Sachi.