Bygone litters

Puppies from Narpo Ransi around the World

Year 2009 – Litter „I“

On the Boxing Day 2009 gave Shang-Hai Julip Narpo Ransi birth to eleven puppies. The proud father was Multichampion Udaipour Domaine de Toundra living in France. One male, Iber, was blue and tan and found new owners in the Czech Republic. Black and tan dogs Ibar, Iris Jack and Izar also remained in the Czech Republic, while their brother Indy traveled to the U.S. A. to kennel Shang-Hai. Irgis went to Russia and his brother Iampa of Toundra traveled to his father to the French kennel Domaine de Toundra. All the females went abroad. Black and tan Iti Nima to Croatia, Ivory to Estonia in the kennel Daboya, her big brother is Da-ka Narpo Ransi. Blue and tan Indigo went to Slovakia and her sister, also blue and tan, Iva Nana went to Poland, where the company makes another Tibetan Mastiff and one of them is Elczi Narpo Ransi.

Year 2008 – Litter „CH“

Two days before Christmas Eve, our female Shang-Hai’s Julip Narpo Ransi had her first and also largest litter of puppies. Our male Shang-Hai Dzongo Narpo Ransi was a father to twelve puppies. Male puppies Chembow, Cherokee, Chodak and Choden were black and tan and stayed in the Czech Republic. Their brother Chang-Po also black and tan, together with a female from the previous litter, flew to meet their new owners in Russia, to kennel Talisman Of East. Black male Chim-Po Khyi traveled away to France to Des Lions du Nam-Tso Tibetan mastiffs kennel. Female puppies Cheera, Chiwa a Cho-Ga were black and tan and found their new owners in the Czech Republic as well as their black sisters Chenpo and Cheynne. Female puppy named Chomolungma black and tan, traveled away to Greece.

Year 2008 – Litter „H“

On 15th December 2008, our female Ampo-Bumo Narpo Ransi and our male Drakyi Linus Narpo Ransi had nine beautiful puppies. All four male puppies Hagar, Hanibal, Hercul and Hubert Ser Nanba were gold and stayed in the Czech Republic with their new owners. Female puppies Haya, Hegemona and Himalaya were black and tan. Haya stayed in the Czech Republic, her sister Hegemona traveled away to Poland becoming a companion to Feng Narpo Ransi, a dog from our “F” litter. Himalaya flew to Russia where she is a companion to Tibetan Mastiffs breeders in “Malyshka Airin” kennel. Females Hariga and Hanach were gold color, Hariga got her new owners in the Czech Republic and Hanach stayed with her dog and people family in our kennel.

Year 2007 – Litter „G“

On the Christmas Day 2007 gave Ampo – Bumo Narpo Ransi birth to ten puppies. A Father was black and tan dog Czenrezi Sundari. Czenrezi is living from Domaine de Toundra Kennel. Doggies blue and tan Gaypon, Gyad stayed in the Czech Republic, their brother Gaymdruk left with new owners to Poland. Gesar – Khan, Gaston and Garkan were black and tan and they went to new owners living in the Czech Republic. A bitch Galme was blue and tan and she left our Kennel with her sisters black and tan Gaba and Giljana on the same day. A bitch Goddess Gaia Drakyi Narpo Ransi was blue and tan and she left our kennel as last. She flew to USA to Drakyi Kennel.

Year 2007 – litter "F"

On the 20th of January were born eight puppies from an intercourse of Shang-Hai Dzongo Narpo Ransi and Hariga Zangao. All of them are black with a tan. Two bitchies, Frida and Fuji, stayed in the Czech republic. Their sister, Freya, left to Poland. Three doggies, Fox, Fram and Free, stayed in the Czech republic. Fourth of them, named Feng, eas imported into Poland.Their brother Forman for Shang-Hai left to the USA.

Year 2007 – litter "E"

On the New year's day were seven puppies born from an intercourse of Rustum of Saras and Dairya ran´ adzags. Three bitchies, Elza, Eyco a Elly, stayed in the Czech republic. Fourth bitch, Elczi, left to Poland, like her brother Eyang does. Doggies Eguru and Etawah stayed in the Czech republic. All the puppies are black with a tan.

Year 2006 - litter "D"

A week after the litter "C" were eight puppies born from intercourse of Dairya ran'adzags and Shang-Hai Dzongo Narpo Ransi. Doggie Da-ka left to Estonia and his brother Dron stayed in the Czech republic. Their sister, Dharma-Pema, left to Slovakia and Denali to Germany. Bitches Dhaulagiri, Dangra, Dölma and Darba stayed in the Czech republic.

Year 2006 - litter "C"

On the 6th January of 2006 gave our bitch Ampo-Bumo Narpo Ransi and our dog Shang-Hai Dzongo Narpo Ransi birth to nine puppies, all of them are black with a tan. All the bitches (C'ho Oyu, C'homolangma, C'sara) stayed in the Czech Republic, doggies Cang, Cog, C'hokori, Cleo and Cory too. Their brother C'hangpa left to Francie.

Year 2005 - litter "B"

On the 1st February 2005 six puppies were born in our kennel Narpo Ransi. Their mother is Dairya ran' adzags and father is Arkhan Narpo Ransi. Four puppies were black and tan and one male and one female were blue tan. Blue male Blue Buddha departed to Estonia and male Bagmed Sogno went to Slonakia. Males Bru and Basso - Sorma rested in The Czech Republic, their sisters Barpa and Bzanba too.

Year 2003 - litter "A"

On the 3rd February 2003 puppies were born in our kennel Narpo Ransi. Their parents were Hariga Zangao and Falco Strazce z Tibetu. Five males and four females were born. All puppies were black and tan. All males (Arkhan, Alkhar, Archan, Anthar) rested in The Czech Republic, females Alaska and Ayowa too. Female Ayla was exported to Russia and her sister Ampo Bumo rested in our kennel.