About us

The name of our kennel "Narpo Ransi" means in a tibetian language Wild Darling. Our objective is outbound of healthy puppies perfect by exterier, with typical character of Tibettan Mastiff. Our puppies are outbounded in a home environment, every day they have a contact with whole familly and later also with other members of our dogs pack, it warrants them a perfect psychic evolution - socialization. Because the Tibetann Mastiff is included among the Little-numerous breed, we make our best for recovery of breeding, for this reason we imported unrelated dogs for breeding from abroad. By this way our kennel spread about female Dairya ran' adzags imported from Germany and about a male Shang - Hai Dzongo Narpo Ransi which is imported from the USA. In spring 2007 we took in another non-relative puupies from the USA - bitch Shang-Hai’s Julip Narpo Ransi, which is born from very desired intercourse of dog of Drakyi and bitch of Shang-Hai. Also dog Drakyi Linus Narpo Ransi, whose father is from american ancestry and mother clearly taiwanian.